Alternatives To Bankruptcy

Are you deep in debt and planning for declaring bankruptcy? Wait a moment and think hundred times before you actually take a step ahead.

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Once terms are locked in, they don’t change, regardless of your future income. This alternative to bankruptcy is becoming more common. There are pros and cons to both options and both routes force.

Looking for the secret alternative to bankruptcy which will solve your debt problems without filing? Why not? Ads for debt settlement companies and do-it-yourself books always promise to reveal the tricks to make your bills vanish for pennies, without resort to bankruptcy.

The new bankruptcy law requires credit counseling prior to bankruptcy filings anyway so it’s worth it to strongly consider credit counseling as a bankruptcy alternative. A consumer credit counselor can work with you and your creditors to put together a debt management plan to repay your debts over three to five years.

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If you have some available cash to repay your creditors, and if you don’t owe so much that it will be impossible to pay back what you owe, then your alternatives to bankruptcy include: If you can’t.

The most basic alternative to filing for bankruptcy is to simply do nothing. If you owe money to creditors but have a small (or no) income, you may be considered judgment proof — also called collection proof. Being judgment proof means that creditors would have nothing to take from you if they decided to sue you in court.

If you cannot pay the lender back in the time frame demanded, you have a few other alternatives before you file for bankruptcy. Explore your other options. Depending on the type of secured loan and property you may have other options available to you. For example, in foreclosure, there are ways to avoid foreclosure.

There are many other alternatives to bankruptcy that may also be explored. Perhaps something as straightforward as a claim of exemptions may help. Maybe negotiating a loan with one or two creditors will ease the overall burden of debt. We will educate you about all of the options available, from loan modification to bankruptcy.