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considered to be Early Cretaceous. By comparison with the stratigraphic sequence in the Jiuquan Basin (Ma, 1982), the lower part of the Mesozoic sediments in the Mazongshan area was regarded as Late Jurassic while the upper part was considered to be Early Cretaceous in age. However, Qi (1984) suggested that the Xinminbao Group throughout.

And so it went until a massive asteroid hit Earth about 66 million years ago, causing environmental havoc, climate change, and the worldwide extinction of non-avian dinosaurs [the Cretaceous-Paleogene.

Cretaceous portion of the Sergipe Series in Brazil has also produced teeth ofthis type (L6fgren and Oliveira, 1943, pl. 6). Unfortunately the description and figures are inadequate for proper comparison with the Torotoro specimens. Tooth form in the dasyatid complex is highly variable, and there is a

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The second of these modules (Sequencing) is said to be involved in organizing and maintaining bits of information into meaningful sequences, such as in the temporal integration and sequencing of behavior. Stuss and Benson cite Fuster’s work in support of the existence of this module (See Fuster, 1997).

Onset and demise of Cretaceous oceanic anoxic events: The coupling of surface and bottom oceanic processes in two pelagic basins of the western Tethys G. Gambacorta 1, R. Bersezio1,2, H. Weissert3, and E. Erba 1Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra “A. Desio”, Universita’ di Milano, Milan, Italy, 2CNR-IDPA, Milan, Italy, 3Geologisches


fig. S4. Photo sequence of the process of avulsion in experiment B. fig. S5. Temporal evolution of avulsion length in constant discharge delta. fig. s6. water surface velocity across the backwater.

The results of this dating study indicate that the lower Yixian fossil horizons are not Jurassic but rather are at least 20 myr younger, placing them within middle Early Cretaceous time.