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  1. , which spun off its property holdings, will finance acquisitions and new construction.

    In a residency audit, an auditor will focus on a number of factors, including where you spend your time (days in New York, days in your new state, and elsewhere), the number of residences you own, their respective values, and where you claim a "homestead" exemption for property tax purposes.

    "Estate" is a legal term that means all your assets, property and anything of value that belongs to you. An estate planning attorney is an important advisor. There are many experienced estate planning lawyers listed in our directory. Need an attorney in Buffalo, NY?

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    Options for Holding Title to Real Estate for Estate Planning Purposes. Tenants In Common – If two non-married parties buy a piece of real estate together, the default rule is that they own the property as "tenants in common." Unlike a joint tenancy with a right of survivorship, with a tenancy in common, when one owner dies,