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Based on information contained in the National Academy of sciences’ 1998 report, The Health Effects of Exposure to Indoor Radon, your radon risk may be somewhat higher than shown, especially if you have never smoked. It’s never too late to reduce your risk to lung cancer. Don’t wait to test and fix a radon problem.

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Thanks for pointing out the importance of getting accurate testing and inspection when moving into a home with a well. My husband and I are very interested in "getting off the grid" and are thinking of buying a home with a well. We’ll definitely make sure to have the quality of the water professionally tested!

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Have You Tested Your Home for Radon? Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. It’s a natural gas that occurs as radium in soil breaks down, and it can seep into homes and buildings through cracks in the foundation, drains, and other openings.

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EPA Citizen's Guide to Radon:. national radon hotline: purchase radon test. radon. It's never too late to reduce the risk of lung cancer. . Get your house.

It’s only because it’s at the hands of the one who doesn’t have to "spend the money" that it has a leg to stand on. And Chett never said he had never "heard of radon" but radon testing/mitigation, and that prior to the last RE crisis, another tool of conspiracy to bring to the table of negotiations.

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