The Continuing Saga of Your House as An “Investment”

Real estate has produced many of the world’s wealthiest people, so there are plenty of reasons to think that property is a sound investment. for the house that you can get at a bargain and flip.

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Lets just come right out with it: Your home is not an investment.In fact, home ownership can be a financial disaster. Before all of you homeowners call me a jerk, idiot, or unflattering expletives, let me share some objective data as to why a home is not an investment (and keep in mind that I am a homeowner too).

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Kenyans lose millions in Suraya housing scheme The saga of the "Flintstone House" on the San Francisco Peninsula in running afoul of local government design regulations is a warning for.

The true value is the final sale price. If your $500,000 house sells for $400,000, then it wasn’t worth $500,000. Your goal when selling a home is to be happy with the figures when you walk away from the sales transaction. That’s when you know you’ve made a killer investment.

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