The Great Chain of Being

Years ago an evolutionary biologist mentioned to me almost offhand that with the emergence of genomics and the necessity to master computational techniques a lot of the labor hours which may have gone.

The model for "race" and "races" was the Great Chain of Being or Scale of Nature (Scala Naturae), a semi-scientific theory of a natural hierarchy of all living things, derived from classical Greek.

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The Great Chain of Being was an idea put forth by Augustine of Hippo as a hierarchy of all matter and life; one can see it as a very poor system.

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This image of the Great Chain of Being from 1579 depicts a divinely inspired universal hierarchy in which all forms of life are ranked between heaven and hell.

Here is a brief restatement of the vision of the great chain of being. I've put the various claims. The top of the chain represents perfection in the highest degree.