The Sad Tale of Borrow and Spend verses Save and Invest

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This lesson will introduce the basic personal finance terms spend, save, invest and donate in the context of making economic decisions or choices with money. The important economic concepts of scarcity and opportunity cost, plus the concepts of philanthropy and common good, will be taught and reinforced through the discussion of Sam’s choices in Sam and the Lucky Money.

Research tells a different tale. In his “Rich Habits” study. The idea that rich people don’t spend much doesn’t mesh with reality. While they save a large portion of their income, they also spend.

the federal government won’t be able to borrow and spend without crowding out private activity. We’re going to need a new supply side economics that encourages people to work, invest and innovate.

Articles of Interest Threadneedle Street can support economic growth by cutting interest rates or using quantitative easing. But Carney has previously said this would be impossible without agreement. Under article 24.

For that person who doesn’t buy a house, but instead invests that money as a lump sum down payment and some extra cash each month, they are free to invest in good mutual funds, rental real estate, starting their own business or anything that they feel comfortable investing in. There are all kinds of places to invest money besides home ownership.

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 · But it doesn’t take much creativity to realize you can borrow against something besides the stocks in order to get better terms. Just like you can borrow against a property to invest in property, you can borrow against a property to invest in stocks. Voila-long-term.

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