Which States Have the Best Credit Scores? See How All 50 States Rank

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See which state ranks No. 1 in the U.S. based on more than 70 metrics in health, education, opportunity, economy, crime & corrections and fiscal stability.

Today’s map shows Standard & Poor’s (S&P) credit ratings for each of the 50 states. States are rated from AAA (the best and most creditworthy) to D (default on financial obligations). While no state is ranked worse than A-, there is still variation among them.

The higher the score, on a scale of 0 to 100, the happier residents indicate they are about where and how they are living their lives. To come up with our original list of the 50 best places to.

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Best Credit Score – Top 10 States Lenders look at credit scores as a way to gauge a person’s creditworthiness. In today’s recessive economy, it might seem like everyone is taking a hit to that all important credit score .

They have less credit card debt, lower mortgages and smaller amounts of. Such a positive financial environment even led financial analysts to rank the state eighth in credit health. They also have below-average credit scores.. Here are the Pennsylvania cities that ranked in the top 50 for fraud or identity. View Sources.

The team at Solar Power Rocks has measured the quality of each state’s incentives to provide a comprehensive score for all 50 states. We included these scores to measure state economic support.

Your current financial situation and credit history will likely determine which is the best. scores who use credit cards responsibly can boost their scores into the excellent FICO score range (750+.

That may help explain why pressures continue in California to rank its schools based on a single score of some kind.

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In gathering its information, WalletHub compared all 50 states and DC. you can also just check out this quick and easy rundown of the rankings:. and least affordable housing, it seems the good outweighs the bad in these situations.. among the states with the healthiest people, highest credit scores,

"Obviously at that time, you don’t have computers and internet, you get the scores on. a dozen states, the next.

The state with the lowest average down payment is West Virginia, where the average buyer. All 50 States Ranked by Average Mortgage Rate.