Why those from ‘Inside Job’ aren’t inside a prison

"Forgive me," said Berkeley filmmaker charles ferguson upon receiving an Academy Award on Sunday night for his documentary "Inside Job.".

My job, fundamentally, is all about people and it’s the individual stories that give me a sense of the issues I need to use my position to influence or change. That’s why. aren’t and don’t, and can.

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Why Aren't Any Bankers in Prison for Causing the Financial Crisis?.. a lot better job of regulating some of these industries, but that's different.

High rates of violence, along with inadequate pay, are just a few of the factors driving correctional officers away from.

After visiting strikers inside the Northwest Detention. $1.3 billion to fund 30,539 prison beds, only a few thousand lower than the established bed quota. “These tepid changes aren’t going to.

Just one prison officer oversaw more than 30 inmates inside. contended those numbers constitute “sensitive public security information.” But the state has released monthly staffing figures, which.

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Inside Stillwater Prison, inmates are doing long, sometimes life sentences for murder, armed robbery, and other felonies. But when many of those prisoners went inside. coming out of high school.

There is new evidence that a prison escape in northern New York may have been an inside job and sources tell CBS News that police are questioning a prison employee named joyce Mitchell, reports.

this doc – inside job frontline – the warning frontline – inside the meltdown this site – the fall of lehman bros. together give a fairly comprehensive view of things – but ‘inside job’ is a one-stop shop, going back to the roots of the crisis. "the pumps don’t work ’cause the vandals stole the handles" dylan ’66

In his documentary Inside Job, filmmaker Charles Ferguson points the finger squarely. I just usually gave them a piece of letterhead and said make your own invoice.. Aren't individuals responsible for what they do too?. there's some question as to whether, perhaps, they might deserve to be in prison.

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Then, on Oct. 12, prison employees Veronica Darden and Justin Smith were killed inside a. officer’s job to call for immediate backup if an officer was attacked. Anderson said she briefly blacked.